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The press center includes all of our current marketing literature and white papers. This is a great place to start if you are looking for information on our products.

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pragma Systems Presentation

at CMMI Institute’s Global Congress 2015 in Seattle

 Vienna, Virginia — pragma Systems Corporation, the provider of the processMax 2i and 3i products for process deployment that includes processes for process and project management, has made available its presentation on “Integrating Structured On-the-Job Training with Process Deployment”, which was given at the CMMI Institute Global Congress 2015 in Seattle in May by Dr. Donn Milton.

 In this presentation, several training approaches were evaluated for their pros and cons and the elements of a well-defined process were described. The training capabilities that are built into a well-defined process, such as those in processMax, were compared with training approaches that are usually taken in do-it-yourself process design approaches. Although rarely briefed, the training capabilities inherent in processMax are not only more effective, but enable organizations to significantly reduce their training costs.

To date more than 90 licensees of the processMax project and process management system have successfully passed formal, independent, CMM® or CMMI®-DEV appraisals and there have been no failures. pragma Systems’ personnel are never involved in the conduct of any appraisal. With processMax, organizations can achieve compliance in about 1/4 th the time and at 1/10 th the cost of traditional methods.

 We were very proud of the presentation in Seattle. It demonstrated how well-defined processes, such as those deployed in processMax, provide the infrastructure needed for a well-managed organizational training program.” said Rebecca Bowerman, President of pragma Systems. “It continues to be true that with processMax, organizations are not only able to achieve compliance quickly and efficiently, but also have an established and sustainable organizational training program that will meet their current and future training needs, even with non-CMMI-based frameworks deployed in processMax.”

You may download this briefing from: and see Press Center / processMax in the News /

“On-the-Job Training with processMax Presented at CMMI Institute Global Congress 2015 in Seattle.”

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